Monday, January 30, 2012

Sisters Trip 2012!

Every year my sisters + sister in laws & our mom go on a sisters trip! 
usually in the summer but this year we all thought it would be fun to do the first ever 
"Tinkerbell Half Marathon and 5K" at Disneyland!
who knew Disneyland would be so much fun without your kiddos?  Seriously we had a blast! 
the weather was incredible, we even got to hang out a the beach for a bit and shop around.

It was a quick trip but a lot was accomplished!
we ate our favorite spots we love in Cali, like Togo's and of course "Roundtable pizza!"  

My beautiful mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a couple years ago and knew she
would not be able to walk a whole lot at Disneyland.  So we talked her in to letting us push
her around in a wheel chair!  she liked that idea! 
good thing too, because we got some front of the line passes!!

my mom was a trooper the whole weekend,  we dragged that woman around both parks
and even ran her in the 5K race at night!  

luckily we stayed at the "Grand Californian Hotel" so we were close enough 
to go up to the room and rest a bit before the race
 started at 10:30 PM!  isn't that crazy to start a race that late?

It was super exciting to run through all of Disneyland and California Adventure for our race.
Characters were there, along with pirates and tinkerbell, captain hook, peter pan, etc. etc. 
so much fun! 
my mom said she felt like she was riding a motorcycle between my sister
 rachel and I pushing her! haha
yah best motorcycle race of her life! 

She even ran through the finish line with a little help!  That was Awesome!

i LOVE my sisters!!!

we were missing 1 sister {darla} and 1 sister in law {cassy} boo!

after we played for a bit at California Adventure we went back to our room to relax before the run.

this was right before the race started on main street.
they had 4000 runners for the 5k
& then on 17,000 on Sunday for the Half Marathon

Tinkerbell along with fireworks were lighting up the sky!

breakfast with the characters...

my baby girls...

My uber talented friend kari with Treasurelayne Photography, took these 
pictures of my girls in november and i am in love...

Park City!

   we have had a very mild winter this year and we are DYING!  we are the family that 
actually loves the snow to come and love our Utah Skiing!!
  I love skiing and when the day that all my children are skiing on their very
own i will be oh so happy!   
{seems so far away sometimes! ha}

When we finally had the first snow storm of the year {Jan 23rd} we jumped at the 
opportunity to take our kids to ski some fresh powder!  you can imagine how 
excited they were to know that we were skipping school to head to
Park City for the day! 

Boston loved that they had the terrain park right next to the lift we
 were taking the twins down.  This was their first time skiing ON THEIR OWN!  
yes, finally they are skiing!!ha

We love Park City!  
It's one of my favorite resorts.  It's very family friendly with wide open ski runs!  It's also 
great for my 12 yr old who was bored {after the first two runs} to ski down some 
expert runs that were packed with powder!

The weather was GORGEOUS that day {major +} we were all sunburned when we got home!
Utah seriously has the "Greatest Snow on Earth!"


 I love having girls nights especially when one of our besties is visiting from Boston!!  
Jane came out for the Alt. design Summit in Salt Lake, so we stole her 
for a night to eat at 'La Jolla groves' and get some pedicures.  So fun to
spend some time with her and all these amazing women. 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

my newest addiction...

I have always loved a good workout!  
but in october when my brother in law Trevor opened up his new
 crossfit gym in pleasant grove,  cory & i got addicted!
   sometimes the workouts are 8 min. sometimes 30 min. but regardless you get
 the highest intensity workout of your life in those short minutes.
I've almost puked a couple of times! ha

what is Crossfit?  Crossfit is a program that combines various functional 
movements into a timed or scored workout!


in 12 weeks i can tell i have become so much stronger, my body is changing
 and i am able to RX some of the workouts now!  I LOVE IT!

what i love most is it's like your on a team and everyone is cheering you on, 
because it is something that is SO hard. 
 our gym does kids crossfit as well, boston has been doing it and it's so great for kids!

along with many athletes, most Crossfitters follow the paleo diet.  I've ordered the book and
am in the middle of figuring out if it's even a possibility! ha
my friends who are doing it say they have ridiculous amounts of energy and 
lost lots of weight just in 2 weeks!

today my sister and i teamed up for the 'partner saturday' WOD!  
it was awesome!

so if you want to try out crossfit, you can come your first time for free 
@Crossfit Hyperion in pleasant grove by sub zero!
like them on facebook for updates!

what are your fitness addictions?
have you tried crossfit?

cheers to new years resolutions!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Both my boys have been busy playing basketball!  Boston plays on a 6th grade Bantum team 
this year and they are dominating! he loves it and plays and practices alot!!

my little hayes just started playing basketball this year.  he still doesn't know what to
 think of  it, it's taken him a while to catch on and get aggressive
 but hey he's playing basketball! haha

Monday, January 09, 2012

trevor + mindy

my sister mindy was a beautiful bride on saturday.  the day was perfect, except she
 forgot her ring and we had to run to her house about 10 minutes before the 
ceremony + her son brody was sick the whole night. 
haha... the perfect start to their special day. 

it didn't seem to bother her at all, while she was calm and stress free, i was stressed!
they had their ceremony at Noah's and it was beautiful. lots of family flew in to share 
their special day with them and they had a great turn out! 
 lots of friends love these guys!

ivy was her flower girl with olivia and camry walking in front of her.   ivy had the basket 
of rose petals and was in charge of dropping them.  she was so shy that she dropped one or two
 behind her as she was walking, i was dying laughing! {i'm laughing while typing this} 
it was so precious. she did a good job!
obviously i didn't get great pictures because i had to help her get going.  
but the photographer will have some.

congratulations trevor & mindy. 

charlee and brody walked her down the isle...

some pictures were taken from my iphone, i loved how they turned out with instagram!

after the ceremony...
trevor + his beautiful bride + new family! 

my mom and some siblings...

re-enacting being the flower girl.  LOVE HER!!

we're getting all set up for the open house.
these girls loved carrying the back of the dress everywhere she went. haha

 gorgeous cousins!

  daddy & hayes..  hayes ate like 5 plates of cake! seriously!
boston is not in any of these pictures because he was a stinker and hated getting his picture taken, i'm hoping the amazing photographer {treasurelayne photography} has some good ones. haha

2011 year in review...


boston solved the Rubix cube. haha!
the kids got an extra week off school after christmas break because
their school flooded so we had lots of fun with friends and our cousins.
 vibe made it into the semi finals on LIVE TO DANCE!
lots of skiing and sledding and TONS of snow to play in!



Olivia has her first dance competition of the season with her dance company "boogie babies".
crush party at the Rhodes. husband and i celebrate 15 years of marraige! 
went to LA with my sister to watch my niece
 and all the Vibe dancers on Paula Abduls "Live to Dance" finale!!

lots of dance competitions,  spirit week at school, 
 Idaho cousins and papa joe and grandma marlene come to visit for their spring break!  
6 weeks of "Survival Swimming" for the little ones.


{spring break}
We spent 2 weeks with our besties in Hawaii!  pretty much the perfect paradise for
 us and the kids.  I loved getting in some Jenn time!! 

Boston entered in the "state fair" and literally picked 
out of a hat {so kids couldn't argue about their state} Boston Massachusetts!
 how awesome is that?

 Tulip festival, Easter parties and Easter


my awesome hubby sent me & the kids to disneyland for my Mothers day present!
i got to spend time with my mom, by bff and her mom! it was like the mothers day extravaganza!! 
 we loved playing with granums again and were missing them just 2 weeks
 after seeing them in hawaii! haha

bid farewell to our beloved Rhodes family who moved to Boston! boo.
the girls had an overnighter at the grand america and the kids had their own individual parties.  
we had fun while saying our goodbyes! 

the twins start Baseball!!


the twins run in their first 1 mile race! lots of bike rides, carnivals, taylor family reunion
&plenty of pool time... & olivia got to go on the Father/Daughter campout!
awww i love summer!


lots of mountain biking, cousins coming to visit, Boston starts rugby,
seven peaks waterpark, alpine splash pad,


 We moved to Highland, spent a week in california for my niece's wedding,
played at the beach and disneyland with all the cousins. 
johnson family reunion,  boston finished up a season of rugby,  kids start school. 

end of summer backyard movie theater with all the neighbor kids.

Little miss turns '3' and wants a tangled party 
We took Boston to Boston Massachusetts to a Red Sox vs. Yankee game at Fenway park.
wicked awesome! 
   Caveman football is in Full Effect & twins start gymnastics!

got myself a new iphone {early birthday present} introduced myself to instagram.
we spent fall break with our friends the skousen's in Deer Valley! fall biking,
  football playoffs, pumpkin patch,  haunted houses, carving pumpkins, 
Halloween parties,  baking all things pumpkin and Halloween!!
loved having beautiful fall weather for trick or treating!


 We went to arizona for my niece brynn's birthday & baptism, Thanksgiving with the Taylors,
 Lighting of the Riverwoods & a visit with Santa.
lots of preparing for 3 birthdays and christmas!

buddy the elf came for the month, hayes & olivia turn 7 and had his & her's parties, 
cory turns the big 40 & christmas programs & parties. gingerbread house making,  lots of 
shopping for our fabulous Christmas day!

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