Sunday, November 20, 2011

lighting of Riverwoods!

We went with our friends the Birchall's and the Kimball's to Malawi's Pizza 
and to see Santa at the Lighting of the Riverwoods! 

it was a bit crowded of course.  
Radio Disney was there and kids were running everywhere, you had to wait in a line
to shop at blickenstaffs! craziness, but so so fun! 
Jon Schmidt came later to perform but we ended up leaving before that
 because it started getting super cold and actually snowing!

we had fun running into everyone we knew and the kids LOVED seeing Santa!
p.s  He's pretty much the cutest Santa EVER! 
 he's the real deal!

most of these pictures are from Instagram!   I love IG!  I like it way better than facebook. 
and most of my girlfriends & spouses are on it!  
look for  me "shashtay"

Boston is now very into the "yoyo"  he's actually really good at it.  He cracks me up with
 all his random things he loves and conquers.  he's a determined little bugger. ha!

Waiting in line for Santa!! 

getting closer to the Big Man!  everyone is getting excited...   

see isn't he darling??!!  Santa asked the kids what they want for christmas...
Hayes~guitar & microphone
Ivy~a necklace
Olivia~ american girl doll

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