Thursday, November 17, 2011

road trip!

we took nana & went to Arizona to visit our Taylor cousins and celebrate brynn's baptism 
and birthday! 
 it was perfect warm weather! 

we shopped plenty! { i am a huge fan of the scottsdale fashion square mall} 
& ate plenty...
Tia Rosa's
& venezia's pizza. YUM

on friday 11/11/11 we got to spend the day with Uncle Troy in Tuscon.  It was a fabulous 
experience for me and all of my kids! we love him so much and my kids warmed right up to him.
he loved them!! 
we can't wait for him to come home!

boston, brigham and brooke went to open gym at the skate park one night where you ride all sorts 
of rails and ramps and jump into a foam pit!  obviously they loved it and continued 
the tricks throughout the weekend.

we loved spending brynn's special day with her and playing with our cousins.
i love arizona, especially this time of year~ wink

all the kids got to miss school on brynn's birthday {even the high schoolers}
and we all went to lunch and then to
 the mall to get her ears pierced! woo hoo!
after she got her ears pierced she looked up at her mom and said 
"My dad's gonna kill me" haha!

we were missing our cousin lucy. ha!

hayes loved rocky!  he loved trying to walk him, or more like rocky walking him. ;)

 these girls were giggling the whole weekend! i just love cousins!!

lots of skateboarding and basketball going all with these boys...

i was not so good at taking pictures this weekend, it was all from my iphone and instagrams.  sorry i actually just enjoyed myself. 

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Candace said...

that looks like fun and the new house looks like it is beautiful!

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