Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

the weather was sixty+ degrees and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather
 for this fabulous holiday!! 

 i love halloween and all the excitement of the evening!  
 my kids made me the cutest letters and cards and right before they went trick or treating they 
got me all my presents to open! 
they weren't even in a hurry to go trick or treating they were more excited to 
see me open their presents.  so darling.

i love how much they love halloween too, and that it's my birthday! they love to tell all of their friends.
i love how they always make sure that it's my special day too, cory always does a good job of 
that.  I just love my cute little family!

the big '37' {sigh}

after school we did the witches brew again with some of the kids in the neighborhood!  
So Fun!!

i turned on some halloween music and the fogger and we were ready. haha
some of our cousins came by and the kids were off trick or treating a little early! 

olivia has the cutest bff's in our neighborhood and tessa was 
dressed up as "Alice's rabbit" so cute!

 they were done trick or treating after a few cul-de-sac's and came back to pass out the treats!  

while waiting for boston to return home for the night, these littles cuddled up in our bed to watch 
"casper the friendly ghost"

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Jenn Granum said...

What a fun night! It looks like they have some darling friends in your neighborhood. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday! 37 looks fabulous on you!

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