Thursday, November 03, 2011

schoooool halloween parties.

the kids were up early so excited to get their costumes on and wish their momma a "happy birthday!"   they made me all sorts of cards and gave me lots of lovin and even a cake just for me on the ipad
 {cake doodle app.}  hahaha

  Hayes couldn't stop smiling at himself in the mirror.  He was impressed with his Harry Potter look. ;)
 Boston was cracking me up all morning with all of his 'Napoleon Dynamite' quotes.  he really knows way too much of that movie.   he added his own touch to his costume and was quite proud of himself.... chapstick & keychain.  he's such a dork! haha
"but my lips hurt reel bad" 

heading out to school...

Cory and i ran over to the school that afternoon to watch their 'halloween parade'  
ivy with her cousin charlotte.

then off to help in the kids classrooms!    
I love how mrs. powells first grade class serenaded me with a birthday song! 
 how cute is that??  
we played lots of fun games, did a cake walk and then of course my "witches brew" 
 that the kids all love!! 

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Lillian Mariner said...

Boston's outfit is too hilarious!

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