Sunday, November 27, 2011

so much to be thankful for...

we had a fabulous weekend filled with family, football, games, food {AMAZ-ing food} 
movies & shopping!  yep black friday shopping was good!!

we hosted the Taylor side this year with 30 people on Thanksgiving day and it was awesome!  
Cory made the turkey with homemade bread for the stuffing & well plenty of butter.  
BEST turkey EVER!  
cory's mom is an amazing cook, so we pretty much had the perfect feast.  
she even made her spoiled son, cory his favorite coconut creme pie.
  everything was delicious!

the morning started with a good ol game of football for the boys!  this year it was
 right out our backyard in the field.  {our backyard backs a 5 acre park}
 no fighting for a place to play!

hayes played this year & scored lots of touchdowns!

the Tables

my attempt to a {diy} bow napkin from pinterest.

 and guess who surprised us Thanksgiving Morning?!
judd, candace and mya!

 sisters/sister in laws {missing jane & andrea}

pregnant sisters!! ha   heather and I opted out on this one!

i'm grateful for these sweet babies and my very handsome hubby! ;)

after some cleaning and rearranging furniture we headed upstairs to play some 
BINGO with the kids! 
so much fun!


Jessica and Jim said...

Um, I don't know. Did you have enough people!? Looks like it was a success. And ,boy, does that coconut pie sound good!

Andrea Taylor said...

We are so sad we missed out! Looks like it was so much fun and there was lots of yummy food! We'll be seeing you guys in a month though! :)

Candace said...

Thanks for taking pics! Can you email me some? That would be awesome!

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