Friday, December 02, 2011

Oh Christmas tree...

this year getting a fresh tree was a lot easier than our last year experience! ha!
my kids literally begged us to just go to the Christmas tree lot and buy one!  
well we did and i'm totally for doing that every year! 

we went with the other taylor's and picked out our perfect christmas tree.  
well it took us 30 minutes, apparently Boston's a tree snob!


Anonymous said...

What brand is Ivy's velour sweat suit? It's super cute!

jasmin dey said...

Hi Taylor Family. you don't know me, but I have read your blog for a couple of years now, and I was sad to see you go private a while back, and surprised to see that you are back up for everyone to see.Love your blog. Your family is so cute.Your little Ivy and My Caden are 1 day apart.I always love checking in on you guys to see what you are up to(I'm not some weird stalker...)you have such cute ideas for decorating and some really sweet holiday traditions.Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and It's nice to see you back up.

Jasmin dey

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