Saturday, December 10, 2011

seven years old... {sniff sniff}

today my cute little twinners turn 7!  oh how they make me so incredibly happy!
i would do twins all over again in a heartbeat!
they've been the best babies with the sweetest & sensitive personalities. 

they started out life a bit rough & proved that Miracles DO happen!   We've babied them so much that
i can't believe they are 7! how can that be?  time is flying by and it's killing me.  

we've had "birthday palooza" all week! with cousins {who i'm tending} 
separate birthday parties on separate days, 2 elves partying it up,  family parties, 
and school parties!  

this mom is whooped! {i know it's not a real word}

happy birthday my angel babies!  I feel so blessed that you picked me to be your mommy.

{a little blurry but still so cute}


Esther Attridge said...

Happy birthday Olivia and Hayes! It seriously looks like you had a blast for a birthday week!!

Diana and Derek said...

Shannon, what an awesome party! Everyone of my boys would have wanted to be there. Not just for Hayes!

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