Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hansen Cousin's Christmas Party!

Always the BEST party of the Year! 

This Year we had it at Heather & Shea's house and everyone brought delicious appetizers
 and soup & of course desserts.

we played  Christmas "Minute to Win it" games that were TO DIE FOR  hilarious!  and just enjoyed 
hanging out and teaching others about Instagram! {it's my new favorite addiction}   

the first "Minute to Win it" game was  trying to get a gingerbread cookie 
from your forehead to your mouth!  I WON!!

another hilarious game was trying to get the jingle bell out of the kleenex box hole!!
 that is hard!

  cory & randall were crackin me up! cory did some little dance jig that was hilarious! 
SO funny!

this was my favorite!  you had 2 teams, one person at a time has to put their nose in vaseline 
and then touch with their nose a little puffy ball {so you look like Rudolph} and crawl to the end 
of the room and hurry and get the ball off with NO hands!  

my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard all night!

the last game was catching snowman marshmallows through a christmas wreath! 
Wade surprisingly caught 20!! 

  Thanks Heather P, Shea & Stephen Broadbent for the AWESOME party! hahaha


Jessica and Jim said...

What a FUN party! And, by the way, my new iphone is on its way so I can finally join the instagram craze!

{jane} said...

i've never seen "minute to win it", but from the looks of these pictures --- it looks like it's a RIOT! so fun.

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