Saturday, December 10, 2011

May The Force Be With You...

i decided to go ahead and give the twins their own separate parties again this year!  
it's a bit of work, but i want them to both have their own special party with their friends.   
 Olivia's Pajama party was friday night and Hayes was the next morning!

my hayesie bugs picked "Star Wars" which was very fun to plan.
i saw these invitations on pinterest a while back and knew that he would love these.

Not gonna lie, they were kind of a lot of work, but turned out so stinkin cute!
the second project, ended up being hard too.  Did you know it's nearly impossible to find "Pool Noodles" in the winter!!  but this is another story i would be happy to explain to you later.

thank goodness for the duck tape craze, husband did this job quite lovely if you ask me!  

The cake...

we had the party at the "Bounce Zone" in orem  it's Classic Skating's newest addition and it ROCKS!
we had the place all to ourselves since it doesn't open until noon on saturdays! 

when the boys arrived we put on their Jedi robes.
we bounced and climbed, played our tokens, got LOTS of tickets, ate pizza and then it was
 time to do some Jedi Training.

i had 2 huge bags of black balloons and gave the kids their own light saber. they 
had to keep the balloons up in the air and not let them touch the ground.  
this kept them plenty entertained, and of course they started wacking each other with them.

good times!

then we had a surprise guest show up... Darth Vader!!
we had the Star Wars music playing in the background while Darth Vader fought each 
kid with their own light saber! 

little did i know that Hayes would freak out when he came in!!  we talked about him coming 
and he was all pumped. when he walked in he was so excited, then as he got closer he got a little freaked out,  i guess it all seemed too real.  he wanted NOTHING to do with him!

after a while he warmed up and gave him a battle.  He defeated Darth Vader! 
{after i explained to him about 10 x it was his cousin David } haha

 olivia wasn't scared at all,  she loved fighting him.

the mission is completed!

hayes got to go in the birthday booth and catch as many tickets as possible! 
He even won a light up guitar!

My niece jackie came to visit with her little twins, and my girls were in heaven playing with them.

 hayes had a blast with all his buddies.  i love how sweet and genuine he is! 
he truly has the sweetest heart.  
this party was worth all the work, i love you my bugsie!

scroll down to see miss livi's pajama party

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Afton said...

You are the party queen. You win, hands down!

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