Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cory's turns the big "40"...

We had a "Real Man" birthday party for cory on Monday!
the day consisted of all "Real Man" activities in honor of him turning "40." haha

9:15 ~ Custom Crossfit workout @ crossfit hyperion  in Pleasant Grove
 "fight gone bad" was the name of the WOD! 
11:30 ~ "Get Some Guns & Ammo" shooting range! we had a good turn out.
apparently everyone likes to shoot guns! ha

Dinner @ 5pm ~"Happy Sumo" {cory's fav sushi spot}

if you know cory at all you know that he doesn't like to make a big deal of his birthday.
But i couldn't help myself. ::wink::

early in the month i emailed a bunch of friends and family and had them email me some of 
their favorite memories, thoughts, what they love about cory.  I had so many people respond with awesome stories, and cute memories!  I sometimes would read the emails while sitting next to cory and burst out laughing!   he was always asking me what was so funny!  

I stapled them to the 40 balloons and even had extra sitting on the bed so
 he saw this when he woke up!
so much fun!

here is one from Olivia, it's precious!   I love her little drawings lately and 
her people are darling. 
Love how long she thinks her hair is! 


***Get some Guns & Ammo***
{travis & casey are missing, they must have been getting some more ammo}

I came a little bit late with Boston, but when i walked in these boys were like 
little kids in a candy shop. So excited to shoot the machine guns!  
it was loud and pretty much lasted 1second! 

{oh and i got my braces off that morning!  Woot Woot!}

***Happy Sumo***

Candy {cory's mom} tried sushi for the first time on cory's 40th!  she almost threw up! haha

some people could only make it to the first couple of activities and then some just made it for dinner!  It's hard to plan something this time of year, because there is usually something going on every night.

Thanks to all of our besties for hanging out and playing with Cory! He had a fabulous day!

he makes "40" look real good!  Happy birthday babe, i hope you feel manly! haha

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{jane} said...

it looks like his day was perfect! your stache straws were cute... good thing you have a 'real' man now!

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