Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas day!

We came home Christmas eve night after the Taylor Christmas party to set up for the arrival
of Santa!  we were busy making cookies and tracking Santa on Norad all night! 
it's tradition for all the kids to sleep in the same room on Christmas eve, 
surprisingly the kids all fell asleep fast in Boston's room.

we figured Santa needed some "Diet Coke" instead of milk. ::wink::
and one of olivia's special notes!

it was a Christmas miracle!  
kids slept in until 8:15 and we even had to wake up little ivy! {we NEVER do that} haha!
i put cory in charge of the camera while i video taped.  
luckily i had my phone on hand to take some more pictures. he was struggling. haha

Boston was stoked to get his new skateboard and kahuna skate stick! 
He also got his madden 12 x box game along with some other kinect games.  

 I made all my kids their very own "Tricot" blanket this year!  
we are huge fans of the silky material and they usually try to steal their dads!  
I loved how excited they were to get them.  made it worth all the work!

Boston's {af cavemen colors} Hayes {byu blue} Olivia {turquoise} Ivy {pink}

don't worry she changed into new jammie's all morning long!

after all the presents were open and things calmed down a bit, they noticed buddy 
{our elf} was still here!!
  Boston rushed over and saw that he was holding another present along with some
 homemade snow since we haven't had snow this year in UTAH!! 

Santa always sends our kids on a treasure hunt for one last gift!
reading the clues, {dad was in charge of that too and they were hilarious}
and ending up in the office where they found a Karaoke machine! 
yep, we pretty much love it!

we're going to start our own band... watch out!

Olivia's cousin derek {aka aunt rachel} had her this year and made her very own apron
 along with a cookbook and pizza kit!  
She made us our Christmas breakfast of crepes & has been cooking every day since. 

Only on Christmas can you ride a skateboard in the house. haha

"Just Dance 3" was in full effect All Day long!

the one thing good about having NO snow & warmer weather would be that the kids
 actually got to ride on their new bikes and skateboards they got for christmas!

i loved that Christmas was on a Sunday! How perfect to celebrate the birth of our savior 
by singing praises on his birthday.
we pretty much LOVED having church at 1pm.  

we came home and put back on our jammie's on and played games all night!

beautiful, magical Christmas.
the day was perfect!

LOVE looking back at all the magical mornings of christmas' past...2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010


Jessica and Jim said...

OK, I LOVE Christmas morning pics of kids outside on their bikes in jammies! Nice weather, huh?

Anonymous said...

I love those snuggly new blankets!

Diana and Derek said...

Love the blankets!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Awww! I miss all those little rug rats! Looks like Christmas was a Success!

{jane} said...

a perfect christmas! minus the fact that we should have ALL had snow! what the freak?

you are SO good at playing with your kiddos - they are going to cherish that memory, forever.

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