Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pajama Glam at it's finest...

miss livi wanted to have a Pajama Party, so we spiced it up with some 
Glam and it was a blast!
super cute!

I can't explain to you how much i LOVE girl parties!  it was so calm and 
sweet and lots of giggling... just what i love!   easy peasy party!

*we watched "judy moody and the Not so bummer summer" {awesome movie} 
while my niece shae helped me curl all the girls hair and put some glitter make up on. 

*we ate pancakes with homemade Magelby's syrup. um YES please!

*did a sugar scrub on our hands that smelled oh so good!  lather lots of lotion 
{dream lotion from gap body} and dip your hands in sugar and scrub.  your hands are so soft!

*made bubble gum necklaces for our craft.  
super super cuteness!

this party was a dream!

the invitations...

i actually baked the cake myself and then after a failed attempt to doing fondant myself,
 my neighbor saved the day.  apparently she has some mad cake decorating 
skills which i am very grateful for. 

The cake...

the  birthday favors...

 these sweet girls just hanging out very quietly while we curled some hair.   

portia was hilarious, she said she just learned how to cut with a knife and fork and so she went around helping cut everyones pancakes.  good thing too, because we needed lots of help!

 sugar scrub for the hands... the girls loved how soft their hands felt and they smelled so good!

next up was our 'bubble gum' necklace. 
i used a skewer and poked both sides of the gumball and we used a needle to 
thread the ribbon through the gumball. 

they turned out darling!! 

look at how cute those necklaces are!! 

cory took this picture from his phone and i love how it turned out through instagram!

oh man, i love this girl!!  why can't she stay this age forEVER! 


Diana and Derek said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! What a cute cake.

Jessica and Jim said...

Oh my! No wonder she had SO much fun! I can't stop laughing about the knife thing - the picture is hilarious! The cake, favor and necklace are too cute for words. Last night Portia had a blister on her foot and asked me to please scrub it with some sugar. I could NOT figure out what she was talking about, then it came out that she did that at Olivia's and just wanted to make her ankle smooth again! Thanks for having her.

Afton said...

Now you are killing me! darling..

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