Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Years Eve...

we played with the Simpson's all new years eve and had a blast!
we met at 'Malawi's Pizza'  {our fav} and then off to the Provo Beach Resort.  
The kids were in heaven with all of their buddies, {especially my boston} 
The simpson's were our neighbors for a few years in Orem and we always love 
hanging out with them when we get the chance.

we went back to the Simpson's and played lots of Ping Pong 
and Just Dance 3!  {which i rock at btw, haha}

we had a blast ringing in the new year and honestly the kids weren't even tired! 
even my little ivy stayed up! ha

Happy New Year!!

i could watch olivia and hayes play JD3 all day long... they are so cute and surprisingly SO GOOD!!


Jenna said...

fun par-tay! Cutest family!

{jane} said...

looks like we obviously need to move back & have a real party! hehe... just kidding. very cute pictures!

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