Monday, January 09, 2012

trevor + mindy

my sister mindy was a beautiful bride on saturday.  the day was perfect, except she
 forgot her ring and we had to run to her house about 10 minutes before the 
ceremony + her son brody was sick the whole night. 
haha... the perfect start to their special day. 

it didn't seem to bother her at all, while she was calm and stress free, i was stressed!
they had their ceremony at Noah's and it was beautiful. lots of family flew in to share 
their special day with them and they had a great turn out! 
 lots of friends love these guys!

ivy was her flower girl with olivia and camry walking in front of her.   ivy had the basket 
of rose petals and was in charge of dropping them.  she was so shy that she dropped one or two
 behind her as she was walking, i was dying laughing! {i'm laughing while typing this} 
it was so precious. she did a good job!
obviously i didn't get great pictures because i had to help her get going.  
but the photographer will have some.

congratulations trevor & mindy. 

charlee and brody walked her down the isle...

some pictures were taken from my iphone, i loved how they turned out with instagram!

after the ceremony...
trevor + his beautiful bride + new family! 

my mom and some siblings...

re-enacting being the flower girl.  LOVE HER!!

we're getting all set up for the open house.
these girls loved carrying the back of the dress everywhere she went. haha

 gorgeous cousins!

  daddy & hayes..  hayes ate like 5 plates of cake! seriously!
boston is not in any of these pictures because he was a stinker and hated getting his picture taken, i'm hoping the amazing photographer {treasurelayne photography} has some good ones. haha


dulces said...

We are happy for Mindy, and she seems very happy. The wedding was great. What a great turnout of people to wish them well. . .

John and Ann Tolman said...

Thanks for the pictures! I really miss being at these great events.

Idaho Penningtons said...

That was so fun! I love how Boston is taking after his cousin Derek :) Miss you guys!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your kids are so cute! Your sister is GORGEOUS. That dress is to die for. WOW.

{jane} said...

beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, they are a beautiful couple --- i hope she is tremendously happy!

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