Saturday, January 21, 2012

my newest addiction...

I have always loved a good workout!  
but in october when my brother in law Trevor opened up his new
 crossfit gym in pleasant grove,  cory & i got addicted!
   sometimes the workouts are 8 min. sometimes 30 min. but regardless you get
 the highest intensity workout of your life in those short minutes.
I've almost puked a couple of times! ha

what is Crossfit?  Crossfit is a program that combines various functional 
movements into a timed or scored workout!


in 12 weeks i can tell i have become so much stronger, my body is changing
 and i am able to RX some of the workouts now!  I LOVE IT!

what i love most is it's like your on a team and everyone is cheering you on, 
because it is something that is SO hard. 
 our gym does kids crossfit as well, boston has been doing it and it's so great for kids!

along with many athletes, most Crossfitters follow the paleo diet.  I've ordered the book and
am in the middle of figuring out if it's even a possibility! ha
my friends who are doing it say they have ridiculous amounts of energy and 
lost lots of weight just in 2 weeks!

today my sister and i teamed up for the 'partner saturday' WOD!  
it was awesome!

so if you want to try out crossfit, you can come your first time for free 
@Crossfit Hyperion in pleasant grove by sub zero!
like them on facebook for updates!

what are your fitness addictions?
have you tried crossfit?

cheers to new years resolutions!!!

1 comment:

{jane} said...

look at your muscles, you're a super-hero-momma! cross fit was made for you girl!

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