Monday, January 30, 2012

Sisters Trip 2012!

Every year my sisters + sister in laws & our mom go on a sisters trip! 
usually in the summer but this year we all thought it would be fun to do the first ever 
"Tinkerbell Half Marathon and 5K" at Disneyland!
who knew Disneyland would be so much fun without your kiddos?  Seriously we had a blast! 
the weather was incredible, we even got to hang out a the beach for a bit and shop around.

It was a quick trip but a lot was accomplished!
we ate our favorite spots we love in Cali, like Togo's and of course "Roundtable pizza!"  

My beautiful mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a couple years ago and knew she
would not be able to walk a whole lot at Disneyland.  So we talked her in to letting us push
her around in a wheel chair!  she liked that idea! 
good thing too, because we got some front of the line passes!!

my mom was a trooper the whole weekend,  we dragged that woman around both parks
and even ran her in the 5K race at night!  

luckily we stayed at the "Grand Californian Hotel" so we were close enough 
to go up to the room and rest a bit before the race
 started at 10:30 PM!  isn't that crazy to start a race that late?

It was super exciting to run through all of Disneyland and California Adventure for our race.
Characters were there, along with pirates and tinkerbell, captain hook, peter pan, etc. etc. 
so much fun! 
my mom said she felt like she was riding a motorcycle between my sister
 rachel and I pushing her! haha
yah best motorcycle race of her life! 

She even ran through the finish line with a little help!  That was Awesome!

i LOVE my sisters!!!

we were missing 1 sister {darla} and 1 sister in law {cassy} boo!

after we played for a bit at California Adventure we went back to our room to relax before the run.

this was right before the race started on main street.
they had 4000 runners for the 5k
& then on 17,000 on Sunday for the Half Marathon

Tinkerbell along with fireworks were lighting up the sky!

breakfast with the characters...


L Johnson said...

Such an awesome few days! Rachel did not like that BEAR trying to touch her food!

{jane} said...

what an incredible sisters trip! beautiful pictures!

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