Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rick Robinson's "Move" show...

my little olivia danced with her company team at the Covey Center on saturday night in the
 Pre show for The VIBE!
I missed her dancing because i was with my sisters in california, but 
Cory was there to support our girl.

i heard the Show was ridiculously AMAZING!  
my niece witney was in a ton of the dances and olivia loved watching her.

Liv dances on a hip hop company team along with her jazz petities team.
cory video'd and i about died at how cute it is!
good thing i have such awesome talented friends that took all these 
pictures and did her hair for me! haha
thanks jamie and amy!!

this is her Petites company team
{liv is bottom left}

she is the very far left!!  so cute

  and her hip hop company team. "poppin petites"
{far right}
 very far right ::front::
 {front right}

 cutest one in the middle ::wink::

olivia with some of her dance buddies!!


Jamie said...

So I blog stalked you just in time to find these very adorable pics! Email them to me when you get a chance :)

Anonymous said...

So cute

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

Are they not the cutest?!! What a fun group of girls :)And great pictures.

Diana and Derek said...

Those pictures made me smile. Olivia giving the hip hop glare? Seriously! It could only make me laugh. She is so cute and sweet.

{jane} said...

kill me with cuteness!!! looks like livi is a natural & loves it!

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