Monday, January 30, 2012

Park City!

   we have had a very mild winter this year and we are DYING!  we are the family that 
actually loves the snow to come and love our Utah Skiing!!
  I love skiing and when the day that all my children are skiing on their very
own i will be oh so happy!   
{seems so far away sometimes! ha}

When we finally had the first snow storm of the year {Jan 23rd} we jumped at the 
opportunity to take our kids to ski some fresh powder!  you can imagine how 
excited they were to know that we were skipping school to head to
Park City for the day! 

Boston loved that they had the terrain park right next to the lift we
 were taking the twins down.  This was their first time skiing ON THEIR OWN!  
yes, finally they are skiing!!ha

We love Park City!  
It's one of my favorite resorts.  It's very family friendly with wide open ski runs!  It's also 
great for my 12 yr old who was bored {after the first two runs} to ski down some 
expert runs that were packed with powder!

The weather was GORGEOUS that day {major +} we were all sunburned when we got home!
Utah seriously has the "Greatest Snow on Earth!"

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{jane} said...

so, do you guys have snow or is this all man-made? we are STILL hitting 50 degrees, none of us wore coats today! it's crazy... we have all these plans on building a big igloo & it just might not happen till next winter.

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