Monday, May 23, 2011


we spent a gno/sleepover for our janey at "the grand america"!
we did plenty of
laughing/eating/talking/eating & just making memories. 

one of my best girlfriends Jane and her darling family are moving to Boston in a few weeks.  
I've told her a hundred times, who is going to plan my summer volleyball nights,
 holiday parties, new years parties, girls lunches and many many 
more of our many festivities??!! 

i love this family! 
i love the memories & traditions we all share together as neighbors and friends.  
jane has the best heart and if you have the opportunity to be a part of her life, 
she will cherish you! she is a true & very loyal friend!

 one of my favorite memories is when kiana {her oldest daughter} would get home from
 school and come and hang out with me and watch
 'the suite life of zach and cody' while my twins were babies. 
 she was like my bff while i had to hang out at home with twin babies! haha
we would make quick runs to nordstroms cafe to get shakes and browse the shoe dept.  
all these kids have been such a fun part of my kids lives too.  i could go on
 about myla & boston making forts everywhere and playing in dumpsters. haha
We have such wonderful memories.

they will all be missed.  {sniff sniff}  

i always say this, but i feel pretty dang lucky to have the bestest friends ever.  

 dinner first at 'faustina'

then a movie 'something borrowed' {perfect girls night movie}
then off to 'juicy berry' at gateway.

our breakfast was fabulous!  look at those buttermilk pancakes, and they were amazing.

definitely worth the calories!


Derek and Amanda said...

That looks so fun and you all look beautiful! What a great idea! We LOVE Grand America!

{jane} said...

awe, i feel so loved. those are fun memories - kiana hanging out with you & myla & boston's crazy adventures! :) i'm not going to over-emphasize how MUCH i'm going to miss you...because i am planning on SEEING you in boston. {teary...} :)

Jenn Granum said...

This looks like SUCH a blast! The Rhodes will be greatly missed in Utah. They were the summer party house! I know they will love Boston - I can just picture them there.

Granum Family said...

what a fun night for all of you! can't believe they are moving!

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