Thursday, May 05, 2011

end of the season party...

Canyon sports had their annual 'end of the season' party for all the employees in millcreek canyon. 
 This year they had plenty of bounce houses, obstacle courses and jousting added to all the festivities!  
 We fed all the employees from all the stores and then continued on with the tradition 
of the 'kayak races'  which is always a highlight. 
 whichever store comes in first place gets to place the trophy in their store for the year! 
it's pretty awesome!
guess who came in first place? ...corporate office's!

someone always tips over in the water and it looks so cold. burrrr

we ate a delicious bbq followed by raffles, pinata's and s'mores.
my kids had a blast!

me & angie

canyon sports Pinata.. boston busted it open.

look at my sweet boy feeding his sister.  he is so good to her.


curryclan said...

That looks really fun!

{jane} said...

your canyon sports parties always look like a BLAST! i love the custom-pinata, that is AWESOME!

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