Monday, May 16, 2011


if there ever was a time that i can say i DID all of disneyland... 
the whole park/shows/rides etc. 
it would be this time with my bestie jenn! 
she's a nut!
 i tell you the girl did it all and we closed the park down!
 every night!  haha

she's the best, and i am so glad i got to spend my mothers day weekend 
with her and her momma {grandma gayle} and mc call 
{my other half when cory refuses to come~wink}
we had a Blast
 the kids loved literally running to the rides.  I exhausted them nightly even my mc cally.  
 she was a trooper hanging with me and my wild friend Jenn. 
good times!

the only thing we didn't do is wait in a 90 min. line to see rapunzal!  
now i kinda wish i waited.

it was the 'pirates of the caribbean' premiere so the park was packed and ridiculous!  ugh... 
then come to find out a few days later when it was STILL packed, southern california residents
 had a park hopper deal going on and it expired that friday. 
 someone remind me of that next time i take my kids out of school to experience the
 'walk on every ride' time of year! {sigh}

we started out bright and early on our first day!  They handed out complimentary 
flowers to the mom's in honor of 'mothers day' and so we momma's had to get our pictures taken.

first up... mine and my kids favorite ride. "Peter Pan"

jenn and i have always taken our kids picture on dumbo after the ride.  it's now a tradition picture! ha

my kids have never done Autopia, well since they were old enough to drive by themselves.
  I believe it is now the twins favorite ride. who would have guessed?

we headed to downtown disney to do some shopping and eat dinner at "The Rainforest cafe".  
boston has always wanted to be cartooned.  the guy was awesome and so fast!  
It looks just like boston.  he loves this!

day 2
"california adventure"

we rushed straight back to 'screamin' and 'toy story mania' and beat the lines.  
It was a perfect day for the california park.  this park is actually becoming my favorite.  
we can't wait for "Cars Land" to open this next summer.  also we were hoping the little mermaid area would be open but not until july.

boston loves this park too and so we spent the whole day here.  in the animation studios area they have an art class {animation academy} where every half hour you can go and
learn how to draw a disney character.  
Chase and Boston were in heaven, and would rush back to draw another character. 
 they did an awesome job.  we even all went to try it out and my twins even loved it.  
they learned  how to draw dopey. 

my girls love jesse!

cannot wait until cars land opens!!
even our daddy said that is when he will come to disneyland! haha

oh we attacked the characters before they even went to their destination. haha  I love our kids!

cutest picture ever!
i have a similar picture when olivia was 18 mo. old.
 ivy loves pluto.

drum roll please...
guess who did 'tower of terror'?  
olivia, hayes and crew!

they won't do it again, but they were brave! 
boston was so excited that they said they would do it, and kept praising them the whole time. 
it was a proud older brother moment. ~wink

we ate lunch at "ariels grotto" for my girls to experience the princess interaction
 while we ate a surprisingly good meal.  
yes after all the smiles it was worth the money!

cinderella spent a good 10 minutes just talking with olivia and ivy.  
they were just a chatting about stuff.  totally adorable!

my boys picked belle to be the princess to get a picture with... can you see why?  she was gorgeous!

 our dessert was these white chocolate 'con shells' they were fabulous.

we spent a good part in the 'animation academy' and also 'turtle talk with crush'.
my kids all took the quiz to see what character you were most like...
ivy~tinkerbell {of course}

mc call~ nala

'a bugs life' land

day 3
 my twins have never done 'thunder mountain railroad' and our last trip olivia did 'space mountain' once.  
so this trip they both did space mountain and thunder mountain plenty of times.  they loved it!! i am so glad too, because i thought i would never get those two to do the good rides. haha

my little ivy {2yrs} rode the 'matterhorn'
boston and chase rode this ride when they were 3! 
 i love that she did it and surprisingly she liked it.

 these three loved playing together and they loved 'thunder mountain'.

they had a petting zoo right behind thunder mountain and these guys loved seeing the animals and petting the goats.  we all got a good laugh when the kids were looking for 
the cow and then when they weren't looking the cow had actually 
come up to them really close and so hayes freaked out!
i got it on video, so it doesn't seem to hilarious right now, but we were laughing so hard!

i love how my haysie bugs asked me to take his picture with the goat. haha he cracks me up.
a while back we were having a conversation and he told me when he grows up he
 wants to be a farmer and take care of all the animals. 

we had so much fun playing in disneyland with our best friends!  thanks to my awesome husband who sent me to play with jenn for my mothers day present and for mc call to help me out, and for my brother for being one of the VP's of disney so i can get some sort of a hook up! haha
i love looking at all these pictures!

can't wait to go back!


Benjamin said...

This is a really artistic post Shannon... Nice work!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Can you say AUGUST!!! BAHAHAHAHA We're going before the wedding!

curryclan said...

So, that Alice is PSYCHO looking. LOVE all the pics - I have to go take a nap after looking at them. Where did you stay? Love the Monsters Inc. pic and the one of Ivy pulling on Pluto - like she is going to take him with her.

Anonymous said...

So jealous, but glad you had fun! Why didn't you post about your middle of the night hotel room moving experience (hee hee!). Only you, Shannon!

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I haven't taken my kids to Disneyland yet but we're hoping to plan a trip for the fall. I would love to talk to you and get some ideas of to do and what not to do :)

Diana and Derek said...

Conquering parks is awesome. I believe we have some of your jackets. Call me!

Jenn Granum said...

OK - let's go back! I would seriously go back tomorrow if Geoff wouldn't kill me :) We had SUCH a blast. I love how fun our kids are - really, they don't have an option not to be! Another 2 years and they will be able to do all the rides. So get some rest. You have 2 years to mentally prepare yourself for Disneyworld - I am even more crazy there! Miss you already. Wish you were here :(

Birchall Family said...

Love it!!!!!!!! I'm so glad there are some moms out there that are crazy about Disneyland like me!!!! Glad you guys had such a blast!!

LuLu said...

My oh my, I am so ready for some SoCal fun! You and Jenn are THE party. Who needs Disneyland when you two get together!

{jane} said...

Definitely Ariel... if you were wondering!! :)

{jane} said...

Oops... that was from dusty... in case you didn't already figure that out!! this freaking computer is logged in to all things jane!! :) hope you girls are having loads of fun.

Kierstin said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!! I love all of the pictures and all of the kids are so cute together, they must have had THE BEST time!! SO glad you all have been able to see each other recently!

dulces said...

Thought you were going to go withyour Mom???? Anyway, the pictures are great. What a fun time. . .

{jane} said...

now. a real comment from me!

i get tired just looking at all of these pictures! you guys together are definitely a recipe for ENDLESS fun! your kids are going to grow-up with the best memories of you two.

and, maybe... just maybe i'll try to join you two in disneyworld in two years - since i will probably still be on the east coast. :) i would have to give my kids energy drinks!!!

Heather Buell said...

Looks like you had a blast too. I'm with your friend Jenn - you gotta do EVERYTHING! I had an itinerary for every day and even with two tiny ones I think we did almost everything! My feet are still tired - but I'm ready to go back and do it all again! Glad you guys had fun - wish we would have run into you there!

kt said...

I think you should have taken more pictures at Disneyland! I love the photo journal!

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