Sunday, May 15, 2011

santa monica beach/pier

my kids love the beach no matter what the weather is.  the weather was in the 
90's all week in and then when we got to california it was 65!
 still much nicer than where we were coming from. 
I was loving it!

We loved spending some time at my brothers house in LA with cousins and
 grandma marlene and papa jojo for mothers day.

every time i'm in california i think it would be so fun to relocate our family here, 
live by the beach close to lots of entertaining and shopping, DISNEYLAND,  family & friends, 
and how fun to be raised there....

then i drive in traffic and i am reminded why WE don't live there! 
thank goodness for family who does so we can visit. ~wink

my handsome oldest brother derek... people still always say we look the most alike.

hayes was either running and chasing the birds or running from the water... 

boston & haley catching crabs and putting them in the bucket for ivy to hold.
  eventually she got brave and put her hand out to hold a baby crab.

my brave girls.
i even struggled to touch one of these guys.

hayes has the cutest bond with my nephew mitchell who is 14.  since hayes was little he loved 
to wrestle mitch and the first thing they do when they see eachother is wrestle. 
 it's hilarious!  we love our mitchell!

i have the cutest mom who is so sweet and soft spoken, she's definitely an angel mother. 
I feel very fortunate to be one of her many daughters. 
 I wish i inherited her patience... 


Anonymous said...

Yup ... looks a bit colder there than your Hawaii pics! Glad you got to be with your family for mother's day!

{jane} said...

~ looks cold but fun! and, i agree with you - i do not like to touch all the little crabs either, blah!

cute red sox tee ::winks::

dulces said...

It looks fun; great that you could be with your Mom for Mother's Day. Nothing a Mom enjoys more. . .

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