Friday, May 06, 2011

Hope of America!

Boston's 5th grade class along with a bunch of other schools {5th graders} performed in
 "the Hope of America" at the Marriott center at BYU.  
such an awesome privilege for these kids to be able to perform
to the troops in Iraq! 
they were loving it, and we loved watching them sing all sorts of patriotic songs.
My favorite was "America Rocks"  while they wear their sunglasses.   
They all sat in sections with their class and in colored shirts to make up the American flag!  
It looked so awesome!   

They also invited some dance groups and bands to come and perform in between the kids singing.  
boston loved that they started a wave and the whole Marriott center kept it going for a while.

such a fun night and experience for my boy.  I always get teary eyed 
when i hear these patriotic songs.  their last song was so beautiful and they turned off all the lights and all you could see was the flashlights that the kids were shining...  it was awesome! 

What an honor and privilege to be living in this beautiful country.

my nieces actually were their dancing in between the songs.  It was so cool to see them perform the same night boston was there.
"the vibe"  performing 'symphony'

boston and his class are at the bottom right of the flag, all standing up screaming when
 they saw their schools name on the jumbo tron.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic experience and such a great thing to do to support our troop's!

{jane} said...

beautiful family picture! AND, i LOVE that you posted these pics! i am going to ask myla where she is, and i might steal one. so cute!

dulces said...

What a great experience. They were so lucky to be able to do that!!

Birchall Family said...

Looks like it turned out to be an amazing event! What a fun thing for Boston to be apart of. I too, LOVE the family picture at the end!

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