Friday, May 20, 2011


i promise you, i am not one of those crazed dance moms.   i just take a ton of pictures!  
my livi has loved dance this year.  who knows if we will do it forever, but for now she
 is loving it and it's not too much work. 
{besides these dance competitions on saturdays~wink}

she is actually good and i love that she gets to be at all the comps with my sister jill and her cousin camry.  so they have a group of friends who are in camry's dance company and her company that are  sisters.  so it's pretty fun for these cousins.

anyway this past weekend was our National dance competition for the State of Utah.
they did both dances and did awesome.  I am still learning how all the awards work, but they won 
"white diamonds" for "baked a cake"
and "pink diamonds" for "hot hot hot" 

she went home with a diamond and has been sleeping with it ever since. haha

 {front row}

liv is the first one in the group walking out!  so cute. 

and camry won for her trio!

1 comment:

{jane} said...

congratulations livi! she looks like a beautiful pro, like she's been dancing her whole life! :) i would love to see her perform...

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