Monday, May 02, 2011

America On Stage...{dance comp}

Boogie babies {olivia's company team} won first place on saturdays competition for both their dances 
"baked a cake" and "hot hot hot."  The vibe actually won first place in everything!
we even won best overall studio that got the most first places.  
Way to go Vibe!

this competition was kinda different than what apparently they are used to.  Some of the dancers were doing dances that were not age appropriate and we were kinda embarrassed for them.   also i have never seen so many instructors helping them through their whole performance.  
our little 6 yr olds had no help and knew their dance perfect.  
isn't that the point to memorize your dance and let the
 kids perform it, NOT the teachers. 
it was creepy.

we won't be competing in that one next year that is for sure.
 but luckily judges knew about technique and so we will take the win!

"baked a cake"
{olivia is the bottom right}

 Hot Hot Hot...
 {second one in from the right}


Idaho Penningtons said...

Way to go LIV! Next Dancing with the Stars!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to all the cuties and especially to Livi! Did she get flowers?

John and Ann Tolman said...

Should of had 5 could "own" the costume shops like I did! She is a doll!

{jane} said...

CUTE! i love that she is competing, and congrats on them doing SO WELL! she definitely has a future in dance!!!

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