Friday, April 29, 2011

tulip festival.

  it's  going on right now until may 7th at Thanksgiving point.
today was the first warm day of spring and it was beautiful!  

summer and i took our little ones to the cafe for lunch and then to look at all the beautiful gardens.
they have waterfalls, ponds, and plenty of beautiful flowers for lots of picture taking!  
it was gorgeous!

 mckelle and ivy, little buddies.


Birchall Family said...

Love all the pictures!! The fist one you need to put a side note: My friend is NOT really that FAT, she is 5 1/2 months pregnant!!!
The pictures of Ivy smelling the flowers are so CUTE! Maybe I might update my blog with a new post just because the pictures turned out so adorable :)
That really was such a fun day, next time we will rent golf carts so I don't give birth in the gardens!! HAHAHA!

{jane} said...

wow. BEAUTIFUL! some of the pictures almost look fake it's so pretty. did you rent a golf cart?!? i hope so...

dulces said...

The flowers do look beautiful in spite of the cold, wintery weather. Sounds like a fun outing!

Anonymous said...


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