Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maui {spring break}

I should probably warn you... PICTURE OVERLOAD!
i can't help myself... my family, besties, and Hawaii how could you not take a ton of pictures!

anyway, we had a blast
 kids loved being together!  Husbands played to exhaustion, and so did Jenn and I!
 Thank goodness for days in the treme's at 'Spa Grande' 
 It was so much fun to be with our best friends and surf and swim and just play all day in the sun.

fabulous vacation... can't wait to go back!

Boston & Cory Paddle boarding

this boy was either skim boarding, paddle surfing, body boarding, or surfing the whole time!
  He was in heaven.  Chase & Boston were non stop and loving every minute of it!
total best buddies!

 go bos go...
so sweet!

Cory & boston both caught the same wave 'paddle surfing'.  

caden cruising olivia around on his board.  I
 could watch these granum boys surf and body board for hours. They are all SO good, even Crew.

Jenn & I coming in from paddle surfing. 
 She is a great teacher,  It's a sport that i would love to try more
 when i feel like i am NOT in everyone's way.  Plus it's alot harder than it looks.  
lots of work to get out to the waves {standing up} 

 we ate at some of our favorite spots... 
Fred's {below}, Kimo's, roundtable, maui taco & flat breads. 
But the best food after a long day of playing in the sun is bbq teriyaki chicken
 and rice and chillin out on the lanai.

love my jenn

the waterslides & rope swing at the "Grand Wailea"
hayes & liv's & crew's favorite.

they were non stop coming down all the waterslides. My kids loved it! 
we got to play with the gleeds too.

these two giggled like crazy every time they went down the slides... pure happiness.

 ***Carve boarding***

  while the boys {and jenn & i } were carve boarding at night the littles
 were serenading us with the "ukelele" ... not annoying at all x3. ~wink wink

***Crab Hunting***

we took the kids at night to go crab hunting!   they loved it.  well most of them. 
afterwards we went night swimming and did the waterslides at the Grand Wailea.  

The  Ho'olei pool is pretty much my favorite place to swim.  I love that my kids ALL of them love to swim and they did it all day everyday!  Livi & Hayes are swimming so good now, and Ivy started swimming so good a couple days before we went home.  She loves it!

"the three amigos" played so good together.  with ivy as their tag a long.  
Look at how she put her darling sunglasses on.  Love her!

***Big Beach***

my favorite beach!  
it's so beautiful and the waves are so BIG!

***Wailea beach***

best beach for paddle boarding and just lounging around while the kids make drip castles!
i loved that Ivy loved to go out in the ocean with me, she sat on my paddle board while we cruised around out in the ocean.  We saw huge turtles and one turtle even popped up to breathe right next to us. 
 but still ivy really wanted to see Ariel... so jenn jumped in and pretended she was ariel.  haha
good times!

loved this! My twins wanted nothing to do with
 going out on the paddle board but my little ivy girl was all over it!
 she is her momma's girl,  we love the ocean!
we even saw a huge turtle {crush}.. he popped his head up to take a breathe right next to her.
It was amazing! 

more waterslides, this time with ALL of us!

one night we all got dressed to go out to Lahaina to have dinner and shop.  
We are quite the group now...

Best friends for almost 10 years! we've grown quite a bit in size since we first met.
Jenn blogged some awesome pictures when we took our first trip to hawaii in 2003.
click here to see.

my hubby makes me so happy~wink

 Best buddies...

Jenn's birthday dinner!!  one year older than me and wiser too.
  Best 'mudd pie' ever!

*** Glow in the dark, egg hunt***

jenn hid all these glow in the dark easter eggs out on
 the beach and the kids just had flashlights to find them.  It was so much fun! 
she is always a party!


i swear we could start our own "kids club" while on vacation! haha

apparently this was a big swell day to be surfing.  so we loaded 
up the kids and off to do some more paddle surfing!

 ***The Ritz Carlton***
besides running my favorite run every morning with my best friend... this was my favorite day!
 Ivy loved the kiddie pool especially because their was a playground right next to it. 
Kapalua is beautiful!

then back home for some night swimming and "roundtable pizza"


L Johnson said...

Looks like so much fun and Round Table in Hawaii, maybe we will have to go just to have some;)

Idaho Penningtons said...

It makes me want to go back sooooooo bad! You look so tan you little rat! And when did caden get so big! Tell Jen to start preparing him to marry Grace!

{jane} said...

i love the picture of you paddle boarding with ivy - such a fun & precious moment!

and, all you guys going down the waterslide - cory better watch out dude - your arm muscles are sick! hehe..

and, again - that night easter egg hunt just has me going crazy, i LOVE it! my kids are going to DIE when "something" like that happens this weekend.

all in all, a beautiful trip - every picture was fun to see.

Jenn Granum said...

I love all this pictures! You organized them so well cause we really did have picture overload. The only thing not photographed? You killing me with our morning workout. :) I love how you said it was one of your favorite parts of the vacation yet I felt like it may very well be the death of me!
You are the best friend in the world. Love you and your fam. Can wait to see you soon ...

Shannon said...

I love your "picture overload"! What memeories, you and Jen are the coolest mamma's ever!! I wish those Granum's never left :(

I sure am glad you are back though, hope to see you at a fun baseball game this week! Love ya hunny buns!

Birchall Family said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! I'm so glad you posted so many, I actually still want to see MORE! that picture of you and Ivy is adorable! I want to go back to hawaii! You all look so tan and gorgeous in ALL the pictures!
I am dying over the night easter egg hunt, it has been stuck in my head ever since you told me about it, I want to go to the beach just to do THAT!
Looks like the trip was totally perfect! I am sure you and Jen are going through withdrawals from each other now.....guess you will just have to hurry and go back~
But I am SO SO happy you are home :)

Granum Family said...

I'm sure they are all so sad to have you leave! Looks like the best trip ever! Love all of the pictures! And can you please be my personal trainer??? Hot mama!

Ali said...

Awesome pictures! So jealous, but glad you all had such a fun time.

Kierstin said...

Those pictures are all GORGEOUS!!!! SO glad that you all were able to go and spend time together, it sounds and looks like a perfect and wonderful time!!!!

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