Saturday, April 23, 2011

kindergarten egg hunt!

our kindergarten teacher is amaze-ing!  
she always has such fun parties and is so wonderful to the kids. 
 she never complains when i bring Ivy every week to class when i come to help.
 so she didn't mind that i brought 6 extra eggs for ivy to find  while the kids were hunting for eggs.
  She's the best!

we hid so many eggs!  and the weather was beautiful for that 30 minutes of fun...

i love how hayes treats his baby sister.   everyone was running around crazy 
searching for eggs and hayes kept grabbing his own eggs out of his basket and would place it on 
the ground right by ivy so she could find one!  
I love that kid!  he has such a tender heart!

livi and her friend avery

hayes with ivy


Idaho Penningtons said...

Hayes will be such a daddy!

Anonymous said...

Cute baskets;)

{jane} said...

i love when brothers are sweethearts to their sissy's...hayes is such a cutie. fun egg hunt, and cute cute pictures!

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