Friday, April 01, 2011

"pink" crib for sale!

 my little miss ivy pants has moved on to a "big girl" bed.  {sniff sniff}
she now sleeps on the trundle bed in Olivia's room.  we made many many attempts at 
putting her in her toddler bed/crib, and she would keep coming in our room, or
 wonder around to everyones beds all night long.  we were exhausted, so we
 broke down and by late night she was sleeping with US!  
believe me, i am no fan of my kids sleeping with me.  
don't get me wrong, i love more than anything to cuddle my kids on my bed while
watching TV or reading scriptures.  It's just when i am tired, I AM TIRED!  I like
everyone in their own beds!

so we purchased a trundle bed for miss ivy and she is now on day 4 of sleeping in it!  
All i needed to do was buy her some polka dot sheets! haha

~So this beautiful antiqued crib is now 'for sale'.  sorry i have no pictures before
it turns into a toddler bed.  just take my word, it's gorgeous! 

i am selling everything~crib, crib mattress, pottery barn mattress pad, & bedding 
{not the baby} 
if interested email me @

$400/  everything included.


& now...


Heather said...

Oh my heavens! I love Ivy's jammies in the picture with Olivia! That's where Lucy got it. :) We had that shirt of yours for a while and Lucy would wear it with red fleece jammie pants. Nice.
I love that crib. But I'm glad I don't need it.

Derek and Amanda said...

Darn it. Save it a few years and I'd be all over that crib! It's darling!! So so cute. Wish I were a little closer to babies. Just for that crib. ha.

{jane} said...

ivy's such a big girl now! she's going to pass livi's right up one of these days, hehe!

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