Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hansen family "egg-stravaganza"

the taylor and fowler families were in charge of our annual 'Hansen family easter party' this year! 
 we hid so many eggs at the hansen farm, for all different age groups! some eggs had numbers on them and you got to spin the wheel to pick your prize!  we had a yummy bbq along with plenty of side dishes and desserts.  It's always a blast with so many cousins to play with.

spring in utah is always unpredictable.  some years it is so warm and others we are still
 in our winter coats.  well this year it was freezing and almost about to rain, but it
 didn't stop us from having fun...

ivy looking for her easter eggs

aunt camille has the most fun and creative games for the Hansen parties!  
they had a race to see who could hurry and eat the fruit by the foot the fastest, with 
their hands behind their back. 
 when the little kids did it, i was surprised to see these kids pound their fruit by the foot!
 so funny...

then it was the adults turn, with a blindfold!! totally hilarious!
Ivy was so cute cheering on her dad, she was yelling "go daddy go, go daddy go"

left to right... {boston, randall, jaxson, alex, witney, cory, lacey}

  boston & randall

we had a surprise visitor for the kids!
 olivia and ivy loved the "Easter bunny"  ivy kept waving
to her and olivia couldn't stop hugging her... she was really soft!

our cute grandma hansen with the easter bunny

the partaay keeps going and going and going... haha
now onto the "pinata's"...

i love gavin and camden's face in the background.  hayes was freaking out on the pinata!


lacey and ivy


Anonymous said...

You guys always have the best Family parties at the Hanson's!

Cassy said...

That looks like so much fun! Can I be your kid too?? haha!

Jenn Granum said...

You did a great job on the party! Cory's family always has such fun get togethers. So much fun for all the little cousins.

Idaho Penningtons said...

I LOVE the picture of Grandma Hansen with the Easter bunny!!!

{jane} said...

your family knows how to do the holidays right! ivy looks adorable in her stripes!!!

happy easter!


Birchall Family said...

Can I come to your next party, PLEASE!! Your easter bunny actually looks "cute" and not creepy. You should have seen the one at Thanksgiving point, he was super scary.
That last picture of Ivy is to die for, love her smile!!

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