Monday, May 02, 2011

the 'Boston Red Sox'

we were so excited when we found out that Boston was on the Boston Red Sox team! 
 we are playing in the majors this year and have an awesome group of kids who are 
amazing little ballers!  it helps that we have awesome coaches too.  Our good friend 
Casey Child and Cory are helping coach these handsome boys.

we have had horrible weather for the first few games and on top of the weather being cold and rainy we have Olivia and Hayes playing this year too.  So it's super busy around here during the week. 

this game was the first beautiful day and the twins didn't have a game either so it was awesome!
boston was playing against his cousins team, {dakota & tanner} who won the championship last year,
 so he was super excited and wanted to make sure he played good. 

well WE won!!

boston thought it was pretty cool that he caught the 3rd out on Dakota's hit!~wink

way to go Red Sox!!

boston with his cousins
tanner & dakota hansen

also thanks to all who entered the 'snapdragon giveaway' be sure to be a fan and check her facebook site for more information on photo shoots!  she is a fabulous photographer.

and the winner is... "marisa rollins skouzen" woo hoo!


Tasha's Life said...

So fun! I looked at your first picture of some members of your sons team and recognize Noah. I taught him in 1st grade. Sports can keep a family so busy, but it's so fun to watch.

{jane} said...

very fun! we learned while we were in massachusetts, that the entire state doesn't have any yankee little league teams - so, at least we know... kj will not be put on the team ever again! :)

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