Friday, May 20, 2011

spring recital

The vibe had their annual 'spring recital' monday night at the covey center for the arts.
It was just a recital to show off all of dances for the vibe and then a few companies performed as well.  olivia's group only performed 'hot hot hot' and then they had another dance that we have never seen called "tangled" and they danced to the song from tangled "when will my life begin" 
it was so darling!

cutest costume that ivy likes to wear now! haha

before the recital Jill and I took our little dancers out to dinner to 
"happy sumo" and then off to dance the night away!
cory & the boys met up with us and we all enjoyed watching our livi and my nieces.
the vibe also performed their 'symphony' piece from 'live to dance'.

livi is right in the middle twirling...

olivia with her bestie/teacher... mrs. alexis.  we adore her!!

cute little cousins after their performance.  charlee & shae just left.
{love liv's toothless smile ;)}

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{jane} said...

darling! it's just so cool that livi gets to do this with all her cousins involved! what a fun-family-hobby!

AND, rebecca borup & i are doing a similar thing tomorrow... we're taking the girls to lunch then having the Mac counter do Addison's & sela's makeup for their recital! hehe..they'll feel like such big girls!

dance is fun for all the girlie-activities it involves, otherwise i would probably NEVER take the time to curl sela's hair & put makeup on her!

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