Monday, May 30, 2011

field trip.

on the windiest day of the year, the twins had their first ever so exciting field trip!
{at least it didn't rain on us}  
they got to ride the bus to Thanksgiving point's farm country.   
I had a group of kids and they were so awesome, they stayed
right by me the whole time.  they were perfect!

they loved petting all the animals and seeing all the new babies 
that were born.  the little pony kept sucking on their jackets
 and they were laughing so hard.  even ivy loved all the animal attention.
super cute field trip.  

our very windy hay ride! 
 yee haw.


Idaho Penningtons said...

LOVE ivys face!! And Olivia's hair is getting sooooo long! Miss you guys!

Jenn Granum said...

Burr! Looks so cold but so fun anyway. What a cute group of friends your kiddos have!

Anonymous said...

So fun for the cuties, and so nice of you to go with. Did Utah forget that it is almost Summer!

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