Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'yo ho yo ho'...

...a pirates life for me!

we loved the new 'pirates of the carribean' movie!! so awesome!
Johnny Depp is seriously so amazing! 
we all loved it!!
we told ivy she can take a nap because it's kinda scary and she totally 
fell asleep right when it started! 
she slept through the whole movie. ha

hayes asked me to take his picture by the pirates sign.
love this boy!


Jenn Granum said...

We loved it too! Watching it with 17 boys was not too relaxing ;) - I feel like we should go see it again.

{jane} said...

So cute! i love that your kids get dressed according to theme for some movies! their toy story outfits were my FAVE!

we were going to go to this last weekend...but it hasn't happened yet - it may not. we'll see, i'm trying to get us packed before we keep on playing!!!

Karen said...

Feeling like I may need to see this one. Your girls pants are too adorable. I love it.

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