Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hanging with our cousins...

My sister rachel and her girls came to visit for their spring break. 
one of her daughters{lauren} is at BYU and one is at Utah State 
{jackie, she has the twin babies}and then of course us SISTERS!

 they came and we played with them all week. 
and to top the week off.  My mom and Joe came to play as well. 
kids were in heaven with all their cousins and crazy papa joe joe.

we ate out ALOT! went to see this movie, shopped, played with the twin babies,
 night swimming, jump on it, watched plenty of basketball with "Jimmer", and provo beach resort. 
good times! 


Provo Beach Resort.
always a blast!

 We love boy/girl twins in our family.~wink

***Malawi's pizza***
{my absolute fav!!}

*****Jump on it****
{st. patricks day}

night swimming at aunt rachel's hotel.
we pretty much dominated the pool everytime we went swimming!

'BINGO' ...
with grandma marlene is what my kids will always remember. 
 I love that my mom plays this with the kids everytime she's with them. 
 I remember playing it when i was little. 
my kids Love this!

 my kids with Grandma marlene and Papa Joe


Idaho Penningtons said...

Sooo fun! I miss you guys already!

Kierstin said...

You guys are always having the BEST time!! I love all of the pics...it looks and sounds like so much fun! You have such a cute family!!

Diana and Derek said...

We wish we could have been there.

{jane} said...

i love spotting all the cute clothes on your beautiful kiddos!

Jenn Granum said...

So your mom is so cute! I want to play BINGO with her! The Provo Beach Resort looks like so much fun. You guys are always crazy busy and having a blast - I love it! Miss you tons - see you SOON!!!

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