Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'boogie babies'

my little livi is performing! 
 she's been dancing up a storm lately.  her dance company team "boogie babies" is in a dance competition next week so the studio had the little kids perform at the "Cove Point Retirement Center" to get the girls excited and used to performing in front of lots of people. 

 This is her first year being on a company team and she did so good!!!
she does 2 dances and we couldn't stop smiling!!

liv with her dance company. 
{she is at the front right}

kate & liv

{liv is far right}

she has some very loyal fans!!  i love how everyone in our family gets so excited to see her.

camry and livi {cousins} are only 1 year apart


Kierstin said...

She is darling!!!! SO so cute!! I would love to watch her dance, I know it is adorable!!

Granum Family said...

Oh my gosh, this is just adorable!

{jane} said...

omgosh, shannon. livi is a doll! how fun! i can't believe her and camryn are only a year a part - i never knew that!

seriously. so. cute!

dulces said...

Love their outfits! Let me know when they perform!!! Too cute. . .

Birchall Family said...

Love her!!! Remind me about next week so I can come see her!

Karen said...

That is too cute. I can't believe the cousins are just one year apart. Happy Friday to you!

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