Sunday, March 06, 2011

i'm still here...

it's not like me to not be blogging daily, sheesh... what's my deal?!

I am still alive and just hanging out with my cute little family recovering. I've been watching
plenty of icarly, Good luck Charlie,Dora and lots of redbox movies!
we have early out on friday so we escaped to the theater right after school to see this movie...

we loved it.  lots of giggling in this movie.

We've been busy with Boston's state report.  I love that his teacher put all the
 states in a bowl and all the kids picked their state without knowing.  I love that Boston
 picked "Massachusetts"  how ironic. haha
we've been learning some very interesting facts. It is quite the state project too.  

The kids have been going to gymnastics and perfecting their flips and cartwheels.  
Olivia is getting ready to perform with her dance company at many competitions 
coming up and I am so excited!

Ivy is always cracking us up with the things she says... the other day she was hiding behind the curtains and we asked her what she's doing. she said "hurry & hide the cops are coming!" haha
where is she getting this stuff?!  She loves playing with the Ipad and watching her
 momma kick some butt at "angry birds!"

Cory is getting ready for biking season, he has a big bike trip coming up.  it's like torture
to see people outside running and biking while i am limping around on my foot. 
seriously, this weather has been amazing.

anyway, i'm alive and doing great.  I love taking the time to just hang with my babies and
enjoy the things that they do on a regular basis.  I occasionally  prop my leg up on the couch pillows while icing my foot and i am suddenly surrounded by all my little cuddle bugs.  Every child is sitting on me, laying on me or close by.  it warms my heart.  I could get used to this!


Anonymous said...

Glad your recovery is going well;) How cool that Boston picked Massachusetts!

Diana and Derek said...

Whenever Derek was recovering from any of his surgeries, the children were all over him as well. Usually hitting his injured knee! I hope you are having better luck. Whenever Garrett or Taylor got hurt (when Derek was recovering from knee surgery) they would always grab their knees and limp. Didn't matter if they hit their head, elbow, etc. They would grab their knee and say "OW!"

dulces said...

It's good to see you taking it a little bit easier! Don't rush your recovery and enjoy life in the slow lane for awhile!! You will be ready for the warm weather when it arrives
We love to be able to help out just a little bit!! Nana

Jenn Granum said...

I know it must be torture for you to lay on the couch all day but I have to smile to myself just thinking of it. :) I just cant picture you still for any length of time. My poor friend. Soon we will be playing - yeah!

curryclan said...

you still get around pretty well...I thought you would have crutches! Carson is so excited to see that movie.

kt said...

How's the boot treating you? Heard you're an excellent motorized shopping cart driver!

Derek and Amanda said...

K you have the cutest blog! Thanks for commenting so I could find this lovely blog! I love it. You should win the mom of the year award

{jane} said...

ok, so we went to 'rango,' that weekend too.

and, i totally didn't like it. sorry.

just had to say it - kiana slept through almost the whole movie, i didn't hear one howell or rhodes kid laugh out loud.. it was a total dud in our books.

on the flip side, i'm very happy you are healing well!!!


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