Friday, March 25, 2011

"spirit week" at school...

our school had "spirit week" this past week.  Tuesday was "sassy sock" day and i have
no idea where those pictures are.  Weird!   they had fun dressing crazy all week long.

 'perfect pajama day'

 'sassy sock day' {oops no pics}
but they looked so cute.  hayes wore his batman ski socks and olivia wore heart knee highs.  boston wore my striped christmas socks.  2 different ones! ha

'happy hair day'

this one just cracked me up... when we got to school i remembered cory wanted me to text him
  a picture.  Hayes is hilarious!
 my niece witney came over after school and had no idea about "crazy hair day" and said to us 
"wow hayes' hair is so cool like that'!  hahaha  she's a freak! 

'awesome accessory day'

'friday free dress'
{we are a uniform school, so this day is actually a big deal!} haha

after school today {early out} Boston had a "dodgeball" tournament against the junior 
high kids and his 5th grade team of kids WON the championship!  They were so excited 
especially since the championship game was against the "8th" graders!

We always go to see a movie on early out and today we saw this with some friends. 
 They loved it, i had a couple of laughs too.  Boston loves the books, he's actually reading the kids one of the books right now.  so cute! 

 Then we took our reports cards and went  to "krispy kreme." 
they reward all "A's" with an original glazed donut!  
How awesome is that?  

wow, this week went by fast!


Birchall Family said...

How do you already have a post about today??!! You are so on top of things.
What do you mean you had a couple laughs, I think it was you that was laughing out loud SO hard at the "foot"! Bahaha!!!! Which I might say, DID freak my boys out. They have both been to my room, TWICE, tonight! They need to go to bed, Michael just got home:) Teach me how to Jimmer baby!!! HahaHahahaha!!!!!!!!

Kierstin said...

I LOVE all of the pics!! What a fun week for the kids...they look AWESOME!! I LOVE crazy hair day, SO COOL! Hayes is too cute, love his facial expression :) Way to go Boston on winning the dodgeball game! FuN!

Cassy said...

So cute! I can't wait until Rayne gets to do SPirit week!!

Anonymous said...

Your cuties are just as fun and creative as you are!

{jane} said...

so fun! but, tuesday is my favorite - those crazy hair pics are hillarious!

Jenn Granum said...

Those pics are awesome - especially crazy hair day! I love how his school had a dodgeball tournament. How cool is that? Way to go 5th grade!

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