Friday, February 11, 2011

"Live to Dance" finale...

It was a beautiful and sunny 75 degrees while we were in LA, & was so much fun! 
such a fabulous experience for these kids, and they are truly amazing to watch dance.

 I went with my sister to California to support my niece witney & "the Vibe" in 
their final dance on "Live to Dance." 
They were incredible!  
every single dance act was deserving to win.   It was fun to see 
Paula come to the Hotel and rehearse with all the groups. they all became 
such cute friends and everyone loved
Kendall Glover, she's adorable!!

the Production number that they did at the beginning of the show was so awesome to watch.  they pre recorded the whole dance so we got to see them do it over and over again.  i loved it!  

Paula Abdul is pretty much the cutest little thing. She is so tiny!  The kids all loved her but she 
definitely can drive you nuts too. haha

we went shopping at "the grove" and "farmers market" daily and ate the most 
delicious crepes covered in Nutella. Yummy!
i also loved their chips and quacamole. delicious!

it was funny that the first celebrity i saw while out shopping was "Paula Abdul"
 being interviewed by Extra!

some of the girls taking a break from rehearsal.

we all woke up at 4:45am to get the girls ready to go... it was a long day for them.


this was all the pre-recorded stuff that we went to watch.  all the dancers were so sweet to each other.  i love love loved the cute ballet couple. Nikki & Ethan, she is such a sweetheart and all of those kids LOVED her!

the night of the show was AMAZING!!  I loved watching all the dance acts, especially the Vibe.  Did you see me on TV?!   who would have thought that they would have sat me by the
 "Chi town" breakdancing kids! and to top it off those kids won a new car! haha  
  I was also sitting right behind the mom and dad of the cute little ballroom couple
 who won too!  I got some TV time. 

the next morning we were eating breakfast next to Kendall and her family.  She really is the cutest thing ever.  I wanted her to win so bad {of course if the Vibe couldn't}!!  


Decker Family said...

Wow!!! So exciting you could go to watch the show in the making. What a memorable experience! Love you.

Anonymous said...

That is so fun that you got to go and be with Jill and Whitney! I love the picture of you and Jill! All of those dancers were so awesome, but we love Whitney best;)

curryclan said...

Looks really fun! I bet Witney was thrilled to have you there.

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

What a fun get away from good old cold Utah :) I wanted Kendall to win so bad too! You are such a fun aunt to be there supporting Whitney.

Jenn Granum said...

That must have been so much fun! I'm so proud of the Vibe for making it so far. They are all such good dancers - of course, I think witney is the best, though!

Karen said...

Looks like so much fun for everybody. Such an awesome expierence for Witney.

Kierstin said...

The Vibe was SO good, they did an awesome job!! That is so cool you were able to go and watch, what a cool experience!! I love all of the pics and that you were able to meet everyone.

Granum Family said...

How fun!!!! They were awesome too. Oh and I LOVE the Grove. So fun for you to go out there!! Now you need to come to NY and visit :)

Summer Carlile said...

It was so fun seeing you on TV you looked gorgeous! Witney did too I was so hoping they would win.

{jane} said...

yes! we saw you! we were re-winding to watch you more than we re-winded to watch the dances, lol! each of my kids had to see shannon!

such a fun trip, the vibe did so incredible + it had to be the funnest thing ever to be in california!

cute cute trip pics!

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