Monday, February 07, 2011

superbowl party!

So even though Christina Aguilera messed up the 'National Anthem', i still get choked up every time i hear it.  I love her voice and she still rocked it!  i forgive her, i'm sure it's so nerve racking to sing in front of all of AMERICA!

now it's the 'black eyed peas' we should all be ripping on... that was an interesting half time show! ha
i always like watching the commercials, this year they had some hilarious 'pepsi' ones.

We had plenty of yummy food and great company while watching the game @ the carson's!
it was a very good game!  
We were rootin for the  "Steelers"  while Jill's family wanted the
 "Packers" to win.  Looks like they got what they wanted.

Good times!

I made ribs and brought those awesome 'football cookies' {kohlers} and jill made everything else.

Jill is pretty much one of my idol's when it comes to appetizers and baking.  
those cupcakes on the top left of this picture are a family favorite! "black bottom cups"
 one of these days i will be posting the recipe.  they are the bomb!   
creme cheese filling with chocolate chips. yummers!
she also makes the best clam dip, and guacamole.   


{jane} said...

can't wait for the recipe, they look super-yum!!!

curryclan said...

looks like a fun weekend in SLC, and yummy food etc. Thanks for taking Carson bugs for the night - we really appreciate it as he LOVES Hayes and didn't even miss us!

Idaho Penningtons said...

FUN! Jills new house looks really cute! I love Jaxsons glasses he is looking real stylish!

Wendy Who? said...

those cookies made me get up and get a snack:)
christina was disappointing - but, she isn't the first to mix/omit words from the national anthem.
hurry with the recipe - we're looking for something new to bring to parties.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Shannon, and yes please do post the black bottom recipe;) Jill has a new house, I need an update on her addy.

Janel said...

shannon--i've made those cupcakes--i've had that recipe for EVER--so funny, i've never seen anyone else make 'em! ...ya, they are sooooo good!

dulces said...

Sounds fun. A lot of the kids came over to the house so it was fun. The superbowl half time gets worse every year. . ..

Diana and Derek said...

Go Lions! Your blog makes me hungry!

Jenn Granum said...

Yummy yum!

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