Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Vote for "THE VIBE"...

This wednesday, February 2nd at 7pm on CBS "the Vibe" is in the Finals of "LIVE TO DANCE"!!!
 Please, Please, Please  
watch and VOTE for them!  
~you won't be disappointed.

This is my niece Witney and all her friends who work so hard at Dance and they totally rock!   
What an awesome opportunity for them to win this Money!

 Here are the ways you can vote!! Voting is open 7:55-10 PM!

~via Text (10 times each cell phone)
~via Call both cell phones and land lines (10 times each)
~via Online (25 times each email address!)

"Go Vibe" 
oh and watch for me,
 I'll be there rooting and cheering from the audience on 
feb 9th when they announce the winners!!


Karen said...

Ummm. My neighbor is the other group. Vote for them.....Just kidding. We have been glued to the show looking for Witney. She has all our votes.

John and Ann Tolman said...

So everyone wants to know ...in the picture you have on the blog...which one of the girls is Witney? It's really hard to tell when they are all over the dance floor and there are so many dancers! Do they do a different dance tonight? I'll look for you on next weeks show....

Shannon said...

hahaha Karen, your killin me!! ha

Aunt ann, she is the first couple dancer on the left in this picture.

also tonight on the show she said she will be on the platform the whole time. WHOLE new dance and they only had 1 week to learn it!!

John and Ann Tolman said...

UPSIDE DOWN?! I need to talk to her mother, what is she thinking...ha,ha!

{jane} said...

~ we'll be watching!!! I thought it was last night & we'd missed it with our anniversary etc. Geesh! How Fun that you will be there next week, you'll love it!!! ( I will be shocked if they don't win... )

Kierstin said...

SO excited to watch it! That is so cool that you get to go and be there...can't wait to hear about that!

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