Saturday, February 05, 2011

anniversary 'getaway'

this passed weekend Cory & I celebrated "fifteen" years of marraige!! 

i think i got pretty spoiled & lucky to be married to this guy.  he's pretty much incredible!  
 I love how we totally balance each others personalities, i'm a free spirit 
and he grounds me, he's always been so patient and helps me to sit back and
 focus on what's really important, like the simple things.
he's my calm after a storm.

There are many things i admire about him, i've learned that as we are getting older,
{i mean wiser} he has become more sensitive as a husband and as a father.  he's a total softy,
 and so so good to me.
  I love more than anything to know that we are his life.  It's a good feeling!

i can't wait for many many more years to come.
love this husband of mine...

we had good intentions of escaping the cold weather and lying on a sandy beach, or skiing at our most favorite resorts, or just doing something perfect for our '15th' year...

but, everywhere was COLD!  
and if i'm heading to mexico for a weekend it is going to need to be warmer than 65 degrees! we escaped to  downtown salt lake city! 
 It was seriously so fun, to actually go eat at the restaurants we've been dying to try.  
Cory works downtown so he knew all the yummy places to eat. 
downtown salt lake is pretty cool.  
they are almost done with the "City Creek" development, and that is going to be so sweet.

we went to the temple and realized it was the same cold, beautiful day as it was '15 years' ago~wink
we shopped lots, ate at this cute little sandwich shop called Toasters. {so delicious}
went to the gym daily & Spa.

 on our anniversary night we ate dinner at the "Metropolitan" and it was
 the atmosphere was incredible and they put us right next to the fire.
we would highly recommend it.

~it was a great little 'getaway' and a much needed shopping trip!


Summer Carlile said...

So fun! I bet it was a blast being at temple square on your anniversary. 15 years it goes by so fast I still remember your wedding day really well. Happy anniversary!

Kierstin said...

Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate! You two are such a darling couple and you have the sweetest family!

John and Ann Tolman said...

Congrats...I remember "freezing" to death that day...So is that a "princess" crown on your head or just your hair doing a perfect looking crown?

Anonymous said...

Very sweet and special way to celebrate 15 years together. I love the pictures, beautiful although cold day;)

Jennifer Napierski said...

Looks like the perfect weekend together. Happy Anniversary! Fifteen years is just when it's starting to get good. I love having all the memories and years behind us to bond us together. You guys are a beautiful couple and so much fun to be around. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

Candace said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope we are as happy as you two at 15 years!

{jane} said...

happy fifteen, you two are beautiful & perfect for each other!!!

i love Toasters, i used to hang-out there while Kiana was at ballet west nutcracker rehearsals since it's right down the street & LOVE Metropolitan, totally contemporary & yummy, good good food choices!

LuLu said...

Wow! That pretty much sounds perfect to me! I really do love Utah. There's so much to do so close by. Congratulations on 15 years. You guys really are perfect together :-)

Jenn Granum said...

You guys balance each other so well! Congrats on 15 - looks like a fun little getaway!

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