Monday, October 31, 2011

fall break

In beautiful Deer Valley!

we went with our friends the skousen's and stayed in her parents cabin {crazy beautiful home} 
for the break!  It was beautiful weather, the kids all got along just perfect and we ate so much food! 
 marisa is an over achiever in the kitchen and the food was not only delicious but so so pretty! ha 

we played plenty of basketball, air hockey, x box, lots of games, 
and sat in the hot tub & sauna every night! 
the mom's did plenty of cooking and baking while the dad's went on a bike ride!

thursday we all went to lunch at the 'blue Iguana' in Park City and then off 
to ride the Alpine Coaster and flying eagle!

friday we went to an awesome Indoor pool with slides and diving boards. 
where Boston and Cameron were doing every sort of trick off the hi dive! 
they make it look so easy. 

saturday we headed home and went to the BYU vs. Idaho State football game.
we sat in their box seats with them and had a Blast!!

Did i mention i LOVE fall...

ivy was not too happy to go on this, but don't you worry she was 
just fine and fully enjoyed the coaster.

we made some cute "owl" cupcakes...

marisa and her cafe rio night!  yummmm

yah we had some 'dance off's'...

 Olivia and Kate surprised us by jumping off the high dive for their first time!

we cruised all over the deer valley resort on these babies... it was the Most fun!  
oh and the kids loved it too.

it was nice to get away and enjoy the fall colors.  i love playing card games, baking goodies and snuggling up to a good movie.  
thanks Skousen's!!

BYU vs. Idaho State...
we won {big time!}


Jessica and Jim said...

What a fun weekend! You can always count on the Skousens for a great time!

Jenn Granum said...

WOW! That all looks awesome! The cabin, alpine slides (I love that you made Ivy go complaining - atta girl!), the Y breadstick at the game. What a fun break!

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