Tuesday, October 11, 2011


have you ever been 'geocaching'??  
it's like a treasure hunt but using your iphone or GPS coordinates to find your treasure! 
{theres an app for that} there are over a million worldwide, and close by too. isn't that crazy?
when you find the cache you sign your name on the log and usually their is a small prize at the end
 we went with our friends the Skousens,{who are pros at this}
through the cemetery on a geocaching adventure.  
It was so cool.
Most of them are usually easier than this cemetery one with a hidden treasure
 after the end of the treasure hunt.  but our reward was the pioneer monument, 
 the kids loved it and wanted to do another.  

we will definitely be doing this again...

marisa and i looking confused? ha

have you ever been??  


Jenn Granum said...

We have never done this but have heard all about it. I wonder if they have this in Maui?

{jane} said...

ok, we have never done this either and i swear it's been popular for YEARS - i know my kids would love it, i just need a little more TIME for more activities, right?

looks way fun.

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