Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on to the PLAYOFFS!!

Woot Woot CAVEMAN!!

on saturday we played the other #1 '6th' grade  A team and ended the game 0-0  where Boston made a sweet hit and caused the fumble and recovered the ball!!
It was awesome!

so both teams got 4 plays each and they scored. ugh... 
well we are now going into the playoffs as the #2 team.  can't wait to see these 
boys play these next few games.  

Our team is awesome and boston has such great friends!  
one of the boys is our neighbor and one of boston's good friends so it is so much fun.

here are the last few games we've played.  one against his buddy calvin from school {lehi}
 and another against his buddy cameron {the other AF A team}

Boston #7

the fan club!

half time!

 boston with his buddy cameron who plays on the other A team

              boston and garrett                                                              hayes & brenner

I brought the after game treats this time and i had our local grocery store kohlers 
make these awesome sugar cookies!


Jenn Granum said...

Those cookies are darling and way to go Boston on the big hit and fumble recovery!

dulces said...

Sorry I missed his game. I had no idea he was playing. . .e-mail his schedule!! Tell Boston "way to got", sounds like he is doing great!

{jane} said...

super cute cookies & i love how professional boston's team looks each time you post pictures - and, there's a picture of dusty & I from a "happy happy new year" post on your "you might also like" section - funny to see us there! lol!

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