Monday, January 10, 2011

one EXTRA week...

Of "No School!"

this past week we had one more week off of school, due to some flooding.
needless to say my kids were SO excited!

we tried to escape this cold weather, but our dad was in his busiest season of work, especially
 that particular week. bummer.

we still enjoyed the days playing while everyone else was in school.

i love love love my kids home. so we just continued on playing with our video games, 
dsi's, ipad, and our cousins.  Yep the other taylor cousins who go to our school 
were out of school too!!

we took the kids sledding, out to lunch, matinee's, play dates with friends from school,  
color me mine, and trafalga! 
{best place to go when everyone is in school}

all pictures are taken from my phone, so the quality is not so good.  but normally it takes good 
pictures.  i realized by the end of the week that my lovely little 2 yr old had messed 
with the settings. so now it's back to normal.

 trafalga in lehi is the bomb!  you remember "Liberty land" {right off the freeway}
 where we would go in the summer.  well it's new and improved and we got sucked into the 
"pass of all passes."  This place is awesome!  
Awesome laser tag, and glow in the dark golf, huge arcade area, along with
plenty of outdoor activites as well. 

these kids had an absolute blast!!

 {boston and camden}

hayes' favorite ride... "the pirate ship"

love this one.  especially when Heather went on!  

this is probably the coolest/cutest thing ever.  indoor go karts. {kid size}
we couldn't get hayes off these!!

 mini bowling.  so so cool!

laser tag.

we spent an afternoon {ivy-less} at color me mine.  one of boston's fav's.  I haven't taken the twins before and thought that would be fun.  well hayes was done after about 20 minutes. 

boston and livi could have kept painting all day long.  they loved it!
notice boston at his own table.  he apparently needed all the extra room.

look at boston's bobble head football player.  
he is obsessed with football, and very proud of his lucky #7!!

Sledding at the bowl!
 we live walking distance to one of the coolest sledding hills.  

why can't boston just sled down like all the other kids?! ;)

 today the kids started back to school, and a part of me is so bummed.  i love having my kids home.  i  think what i love the most is that they love to be home!  I love that they actually love being together as a family more than hanging with their friends. 

I am one lucky momma! 


{jane} said...

...that week really was awesome - because, you were finished with the holidays, it was all play & fun! that mini-bowling alley is adorable, i have never seen that anywhere, so cute!

love the pictures, the one of livi sledding is priceless - so so cute!

Anonymous said...

You turned something that some might say is a disaster or so annoying into a wonderful and fun time for everyone! You are such a great example! Love the picture of Boston on the wall!!!

bulkleybunch said...

you are a waaayyy better mama than i. i would have crumpled into a ball and cried my eyes out. i was sooo ready for my monsters to go back to school. ugh. i can't believe how many fun things you did. lucky lucky kids. xoxo

Jenn Granum said...

What a fun, fun week! You are one lucky momma but your kiddos are even luckier to have you. Love you! You are always so much fun!

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