Thursday, January 20, 2011

my weaknesses lately...

besides online shopping and browsing at every other store i get my daily emails from,
  I am loving "GILT"
they have the greatest deals, and be sure to check out "Jetsetter" too!
my sil Jane introduced me to it a while ago, and i've been hooked ever since.

SWEET Deals!

does anyone else use this site?  Tell me your what your favorite 'deal sites'.

I'm also hooked on the "pioneer woman's" 16 minute meals!! yum!
i want her cookbook, does anyone have it, and if so do you LOVE it?

I have been trying to cook 3 fabulous homeade meals a week, with vegetables and all
 {thats quite a task for me}
 and so far we are loving them.   
I've also been having Boston cook one meal a week, which he thoroughly enjoys!
 It's usually quesadillas, taco soup, or egg burritos,  but he's quite the chef and loves 
planning his one meal for the week!
 {i love it too}

we've been busy around here with "science projects" and our new found love of "SKYPE" , we love talking to friends and family everywhere! It's so fun.
do you Skype?

we've been loving our ipad and playing all sorts of awesome games.
Boston and i LOVE  this game and play it every second we can get! ha it's super addicting...
"whirly word"
~what are your favorite apps?  tell us your "Must Have's."

Check back soon for a hapari swimsuit "giveaway!"
the 2011 suits are TO DIE FOR!


LuLu said...

HEY! Isn't that vampire Madison from The Bachelor in the Gilt picture????
Ha, sorry for my randomness. It can't be helped ;-)

Kari said...

Shannon, check out the sisters cafe blog. They have great recipes.

Kierstin said...

Thank you for all of the tips! I have never skyped, but some of my friends have and they love it! We need to try it. I am trying to cook more at home too. I think that having Boston cook one night a week is a great idea, I need to try that with Kate, she would LOVE it!! And thanks for sharing the ipad app that sounds like fun, Kate and I need to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that Boston cooks once a week for you and I love all his favorites too! I am looking forward to the day Darren gets his new I pad so I can finally get his hand me down;) Checkout a company that will print your designs onto fabric.

{jane} said...

lots of good links, i'll have to check out a couple of them.

we definitely skype, it's our main tool with all of our international traveling, we all love it.

Idaho Penningtons said...

You sound like an ongoing commercial!! Ha. To bad you don't get paid for all that advertising! Ha

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