Friday, January 14, 2011

a "rubix-cube" PRO!

it is no joke that this kid has been working on this dang rubix cube for over a month!

 he has been looking on google for tutorials and "you tubes" all christmas break!  His favorite website was "rubix cube for dummies."  but eventually he made up his own way.
It's apparently an algebra equation.

he would spend many hours on this thing.  Always asking Cory and me to help out.  
{we both have never cared to solve the rubix cube}
i think he got so into it that he got himself sick over it! {physically}

...well after 6 weeks of hard, self disciplined work he has Solved it!
He's a Genius! ha

seriously i think it's addicting for him.  he loves to play with it over and over and over! 
he  has all his friends from school into it, and cousins.  Everyone asks him how to solve it and 
he tries to teach them all.  It's crazy!

he is starting a collection of these babies.  he has solved the 2x2, 3x3 and 
soon to be {it shipped today}
the 5x5!

love this boy...and all his quirkiness~wink


Kierstin said...

Way to go Boston! I have always wanted to solve one of those, but I don't have the patience! SO cool that he worked at it until he figures it out, that is awesome! GREAT pics!

Shannon...just need to tell you that I think you are awesome!


Anonymous said...

So fun, I remember these from my school days. I think they come and go but will probably always be around. How fun to have a large one.

{jane} said...

i love it, good job boston!

seriously. he should spend a little time here with our kids & the howell boys, they've been on rubix-cube kicks for about 3 years now...i've got them lined up across my kitchen shelf - they all just love it!

The Haley Family said...

my 2nd son LOVES the Rubix cube!! Great pictures!!! One of our trips to UT, we'll have to meet with Jane and Sara!!

John and Ann Tolman said...

SOOOOO SMART! Must take after Aunt ann....NOT!

Jenn Granum said...

Boston has always been such a smart kid. Can't wait to see the 5x5. That will be crazy!

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