Friday, January 14, 2011

a "double feature" birthday party...

 for my darling girlfriend Jane, who is Rockin "35!"

girls lunch at "smashburger"

   I'm pretty sure i lucked out in the friend department, i have the best girlfriends ever!  
I loved spending a whole saturday with friends and watching a double feature!

cory and i headed out on saturday early on a much needed "happy sumo" fix 
before our birthday festivities with the Rhodes began.  
we went to the Gateway ate lunch and then met everyone for the Movie 
"The Tourist"
LOVED this movie!!
{anything with Johnny depp is always good}

then we all went to "Cedars of Lebanon" delicious lebanese food.
 seriousy so delicious!
  I love my polaroid app on my phone. { i forgot about it until just recently} it's a "retro camera" with  different ways to take polaroids.  I love how the pictures turned out.

the birthday girl with her hubby

then on to our "double feature"
 "how do you know"

it was a fabulous "much needed" date! ha


L Johnson said...

I once was lucky enough to ride a "Water Taxi" in Venice. Maybe someday I will return to visit the beautiful Italy!

curryclan said...

Jane is really adorable (in pictures as I have only met her a few times - love her blog too)! Her and her husband are darling. I love how they seem to be trying new things all the time - I want to give that restaurant a whirl.

{jane} said...

~ such a fun day! thanks for playing & being a beautiful-sweet friend!

i love how that polaroid app added bright spots in all the right places - totally can't see my wrinkles! ;)

Jenn Granum said...

I want to see both those movies! The Rhodes sure know how to party! Happy Birthday Jane!

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